Alex Meub

A Look at Portland Car2Go Data

Recently I became a Car2Go member and I can’t say enough good things about the service. It’s fast, cheap and ridiculously convenient; it’s a pretty incredible transportation option.

Part of what makes it so great are the apps that give you up-to-date car location and availability information. After using the app, I was curious why I sometimes couldn’t find a car and what the usage patterns of Car2Gos are. The following is an analysis of Portland Car2GoData collected over a week-long period.


Average number of trips/day 1798 trips
Average distance travelled 2.953 miles
Average trip duration 7 minutes 27 seconds
Average trip cost $3.06

The longest distance of any recorded trip was 14.92 miles and the longest duration was 23 minutes 51 seconds.


This is a heatmap of the concentrations of Car2Gos around Portland. It highlights the areas where they are parked most often, not necessarily where the most activity is happening.

Time of Day

According to the data, 4pm to 7pm is the hardest time to find a Car2Go as most trips are happening during this time on any given day. This period also contains the busiest single hour of the day(6pm-7pm), as well as the second busiest(5pm-6pm). This makes sense as these are two very busy commuter hours.