Alex Meub

Set Up Remote Desktop in Windows

Here’s a quick guide to setting up Remote Desktop on Windows:

1. Allow Remote Connections

  • Right click on the My Computer icon > Click Properties > Click on the Remote tab
  • Check the box that says “Allow Users to Connect Remotely to this Computer”
  • Add your username to the list of allowed users, then click OK

2. Assign a static IP Address

  • Control Panel > Network Connections > Right Click your active connection > Click Properties
  • Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), and then click Properties
  • Click the “Use the following IP Address” radio button and put in valid IP info

3. Open a Port in the Router’s Firewall

  • Browse to your router (usually or and log in
  • Go to the Port Range Forward tab (Often under “Applications & Gaming”)
  • Add an entry for Port 3389 using TCP with your static IP like this

4. Set Up Dynamic DNS

  • Create a free No-IP account with an easy-to-remember name
  • Download and install the No-IP DUC client and link it to your account
  • Go to preferences in the DUC client, check “Run as a system service” and restart

You are done!

Jump on a remote machine and run: mstsc /

For connecting from a Mac, download Remote Desktop Connection for Mac for free.