Alex Meub

Upgrading the Weber Q Grill

I’ve owned a Weber Q 1000 for many years and always loved this little grill. I have mine hooked up to a 15 lb propane tank at home where it gets regular use. It is small, but it heats up quickly and cooks food better than any other grill I’ve tried.

Weber Q Grill with Stand

However, I recently noticed that my grill was taking much longer to heat up and was not getting hotter than about 400 degrees. Rather than buying a new one, I decided to do some upgrades.

Clean out the burner holes

A common problem with the Weber Q is that the tiny holes in the burner tube get clogged. This happens slowly over time but it can drastically reduce the effectiveness of your grill.

I tried several different cleaning methods but found that simply drilling out each hole with a 1/16th inch bit was the best option. Weber specifically advises against this as they say it can “alter the propane/air mix” but I’ve found it has nothing but positive effects. The holes are slightly larger after drilling and I’ve noticed they provide more propane flow overall.

Swap out the regulator

The built-in regulator that comes with the Weber Q maxes out at about 1-2 PSI and is not indepdently adjustable. I replaced mine with a High-Pressure Adjustable Propane Regulator that goes from 0-20 PSI. Of course, Weber also advises against doing this so proceed at your own risk! But it did make an enormous difference for me.

Weber Q Grill Adapter

You will also need a 3/8 male flare to 1/8 memale pipe thread fitting and some PTFE gas line thread tape. Simply remove the old regulator and bracket, and thread on the adapter and new regulator hose with PTFE tape on each connection. After testing I was easily able to get the grill up past 500 degrees in about five minutes!

Important tip: When you first calibrate your new adjustable regulator, take it slow! Start at zero and slowly adjust up until you can light the grill. Remember that you want roughly 1-inch tall blue flames with yellow tips.


Scenario Time to 400° Time to 500°
Stock Weber Q 25 mins Never
With drilled holes 20 mins 30 mins
With PSI adjustable regulator 3 mins 35 secs 5 mins 10 secs

I also purchased some side tables, grill cover and built a really simple grilling table that also holds the propane tank. I’ve been really impressed with the performance of my upgraded Weber Q and hope it provides many more years of happy grilling.